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How do I increase my credit score?

While it may not be the answer borrowers want to hear, repairing your credit is the best thing to do before you submit a mortgage application. A higher credit score could save you thousands in interest payments, and give you more loan options. Sure, these rules work as a guide for a good score, but […]

Can I buy a house with bad credit?

Buying a home is on everyone’s bucket list. Whether you want to buy a home because you finally want to settle down, or you are tired of paying rent and ready to invest in an appreciating asset, buying a house can be overwhelming.  Starting the home buying process with bad credit can make it seem […]

What is a Mortgage Clause?

A financing contingency (aka mortgage contingency) is a clause in the contract of sale that gives buyers time to apply for and obtain financing. This clause can be used when a buyer needs to wait for approval from their lender before they can close on the purchase. This clause in your purchase contract, accepted offer […]